National Seminars

There will be 3 National Seminars held in thespring of 2020 (see XXXX) the Project Partner Countries Alicante (Spain),Wroclaw (Poland) and Milan (Italy).

The Seminars will be held in the respective national languages and English.

National Seminar Alicante – 26./27. March 2020  - (seminar languages: Spanish /English)
National Seminar Wroclaw – 23./24. April 2020 -  (seminar languages; Polish/English)
National Seminar Milan- 21./22. May 2020-  (seminar languages: Italian/English)

Judges, Lawyers and Mediators
are invited to attend the National Seminars where the EU Best Practice Tool and the respective country-specific Best Practice Tool will be presented and tested in workshops run in the respective national language.

Please refer to XXX where you can register for the National Seminars.

We are hoping to see you there to exchange expertise and network!
A final Project Conference in Berlin (Germany) on 5th-6th November 2019 presenting the results of the AMICABLE Project as well as a number of Expert Speakers (seminar language:English)You can pre-register for the final conference at XXXX

National Seminar - Italy
National Seminar - Spain
National Seminar - Poland
Final Conference - Germany